Status on Warrior, Warlock and other things

It’s more than time to do an update on my status with Warlock, Book II of the War Chronicles series.

Good news! It’s on schedule. I’m still following the schedule I set back in December, and intend to publish Warlock on or around June 1. I have lined up an editor and a cover artist to get those pieces done in time. I like Warlock, for whatever that’s worth. I think I’ve grown as a writer. I know I think about writing entirely differently than I did even six months ago. And for the better in pretty much every sense I think. And that is showing not just in the speed that I wrote Warlock, but in the initial quality of the first draft, according to at least one alpha reader.

I got some great feedback from my alpha readers, Huey Golden and Jeff Sullins. I cannot begin to thank them enough for spotting things that needed fixin’. I’ve done my best to take every single comment to heart and address every single item noted. The end result is clearly a better, more consistent story.

Warrior continues to perform better than I really should have expected it to, but not as good as I had hoped. I know my hopes were way, way too high, but for a couple of times now, I had some pretty great sales. I just can’t keep it going. Other authors tell me getting Book II out will help with that. I hope so. 🙂

In other news, I have a final interview with a Fortune 500 company to write a story about some new technology they are developing tomorrow. That could be a lucrative free-lance gig. And I should do more free-lance work. It can pay pretty dang well.


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