Here in Arkansas…

First Norfork Fish
What. A. Day. Whew. First day of trying to focus on the House building. Spent most of the day at the lot, mapping it on my GPS and deciding what to do with the trees and rocks. Tried to get my electricity and phone started, but had limited success because I don’t have an actual ADDRESS yet. Just a lot number on a survey map. So they sent me to the 911 emergency system because, apparently, that’s the part of the government that provides new addresses. It sort of makes sense… but then they were closed today. Apparently a week of government work can be done in four days in Arkansas. I’m not sure exactly how that makes me feel, I’m sort of ticked that I lost some momentum, but I profess to prefer limited government so…

Anyway, what I got done today was the following.

– Got an electricity account and am in line to get a temporary box installed on my property that I can plug into while they are building the house. I’ll need an electrician to put the actual connections in, but the electric company will put in the meter, which is what they require in order to give you electricity. ๐Ÿ™‚

– Mapped the lot thoroughly, with over two dozen GPS map points. That may sound like no big deal, but this was like a jungle safari, I was sometimes nearly crawling through some of those thick Arkansas cedar groves. After posting this I’ll type those GPS points into Google Earth and see what it shows me.

– Decided how I want to clear out the lot. I was going to go through tree by tree, but I think it will be faster, easier and simpler to just carve out a couple yard sized areas to surround the house, and I can cut down individual trees myself later. I think we’ll have a great view if all we do is clear out the area just around the house and then cut down a few tall trees.

– Made an appointment with a bulldozer guy to bring his bulldozer to the lot on Monday. Then I’ll clear out that area.

I still need to find an architect to scale down the plans we have to the size we can afford. ๐Ÿ™‚

OH! And I cought some fish! See? I caught four, almost caught five. Right off the shore at the bottom of the Corps land beneath our property. It’s an easily manageable walking distance from where my house will be to where the water is that I was fishing today. I’ll have to clear out the lot some and make a path, but the corps land is old forest so it’s actually pretty clear and you can get through it.

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  1. seandgolden says:

    One reason I took this photo of the fish is that I’d never caught this particular fish before. It looked like a crappie at first, but then I saw a head more like a smallmouth. And it has a blood red eye. I looked it up and it seems to be a “rock bass”. Caught three species of fish off the shore in forty five minutes.


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