Status update

We got back from Louisiana Monday night. Yesterday was all about unpacking, bill paying, grocery shopping and retrieving some things from long-term storage that we shouldn’t have put there in the first place. Now it’s time to get back to work.

Warlock, the story, is done. The cover is done. Yet it still isn’t ready to publish. These are the remaining items:

1. Formatting the .mobi file. I’m having an issue with the graphic separator between scenes. I’m using Scrivener, and for some reason after centering the graphic separator in Scrivener, when I make the .mobi file, it left-justifies. I worked on this for a couple hours last night with no progress. Frustrating.

2. I have still not decided on the inclusion of a glossary. I had no glossary in Warrior, and a glossary is a lot of work. I have started one, but it’s not finished.

That’s really all I can think of that remains to be done.

This graphic image separator thing is a nightmare. I am hoping I don’t have to export to a MS Word file and go through the entire mess of reformatting in MS Word. Sigh.


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3 Responses to Status update

  1. Crazy talk….. what about making an image with a bunch of white pixels on the left to “force” the thing to appear center justified

    Hacks make the world go ’round!


  2. seandgolden says:

    I finally figured it out. Scrivener is a complex program. There is a setting buried in the “compile” process that overrode local formatting. Why? I dunno. I set that to “Hell no” and now it works. I’m really getting close now.


  3. Looking forward to seeing it up! You must let me know, so I can score that critical “first comment” glory! Unless you’d rather not, of course 🙂


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