Ruminations on Star Wars nerdgasms and the phenomenon of fanaticism…

Yeah, I like a good Star Wars flick.

I almost ended that sentence with “… as much as anyone.” But then I realized that was totally not true. Some people like a Star Wars flick a LOT more than I do. And I like them quite a bit.

Right now my newsfeed is infested with Star Wars posts, memes and movie trailers. The vast majority of the posts are expressions of great anticipation, along with reminisces about beloved childhood memories of watching Star Wars, buying the toys and reading the dozens of books that expand the Star Wars universe. There is also a fair amount of expressed boredom, jaded contempt and poking fun at the movies, the fans or both.

I don’t tend to get all excited about the prospect of an upcoming movie. Most of the time my reaction to any movie I think I might want to see is probably best described as guarded optimism. I hope it’s a good movie. (The same is true for books, TV shows, songs, etc.) But I don’t expect it to be a good movie.

I am, perhaps sadly and predictably, a member of the Star Wars fan faction that thinks the first three movies (the first three movies NOT the movies George Lucas CALLS the “first three movies”) were far and away superior to the second trilogy. In fact I must admit that I am one who thinks the second trilogy had little to offer other than some really good special effects. I mean some really good special effects. Definitely worth the price of admission.

So I view the upcoming movie probably with more trepidation than with excitement. I assume that the special effects will be stellar. I assume that the acting will be competent. I assume that the sound track will be entertaining.

What I don’t assume, at all, is that the story will be anything to get excited about. Based on my experience with the second trilogy, I am forced to conclude that it is far more likely that the story will be insipid, confusing and infused with moralizing drivel.

I hope I’m wrong. I hope that Lucas and his brain trust realize why the second Star Wars trilogy is more widely mocked and sneered at than celebrated, and NOT make the same mistakes again. I hope they realize what made the original movie, and, especially, “The Empire Strikes Back” the iconic, instant classics that they became, and do more of the things that made those movies soar.

But I don’t expect it. I just hope that I’m pleasantly surprised this time.
Star Wars


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