Back to working on Warlord. #amwriting #thewarchronicles

Well, it’s been too many days since I worked actively on Warlord. I had a wedding to go to last weekend and when I got back, our house building finally started, so I had to spend time with the builder and take care of things like insurance and putting in a mailbox.

But TODAY I worked on Warlord. I mostly went back through the first few chapters that I already have written and tightened them up. But it was work on Warlord anyway.

I’m liking it so far. The real work will start when Lirak invades the Groln continent. That’s going to require some serious outlining and keeping track of things. Going to be some serious warfare in Warlord.

Sales on Warlock have been pretty good. Nothing record-breaking or spectacular, but pretty good. And Warrior sales have also been picking up. Tomorrow I start my first actual paid promotion for the books. Wish me luck. 🙂


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