Warlord tops 25K words. Over 2,000 today. #amwriting #TheWarChronicles #epicfantasy

Today was a good day. This weekend was a good weekend. I worked out what I hope is the last major plot point to pull the story together, introduced a new character I think the readers will like and cleaned up my outline and format considerably.

25K words puts me roughly 1/5 of the way done with the first draft. But I didn’t do much work on Warlord until a week or so ago. I had been focused on doing the marketing stuff for Warlock to try to get sales moving.

If I can get 2K words per day on average, that would mean fifty days of writing to complete the first draft. I’ve reserved a slot in January for my editor, so that’s right in line with that.

So things are looking good. Hopefully writing Warlord won’t get sidetracked with all the delays that hit me on Warlock. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Here’s a teaser of the latest version of the Warlord map:

Groln Continent2


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