Warlord moving forward. #amwriting #TheWarChronicles #epicfantasy

At about 28K words now. Had to do some rewriting, but not a terrible amount. I had written a few scenes of Warlord before the final edits of Warlock were done, and so I had to adjust things to match. I had the same thing happen with Warlock when I had some final edits of Warrior. Probably a common thing with books written as a series.

I’m pretty happy with it so far. But it’s got a long way to go. Mostly finished the map, although I’ve still got a lot of detail work to do, like putting in the roads and cities, as well as making it look like it was on a particular material and perhaps worn or stained. I’ll put the latest version at the bottom of this post.

Gave up on the 99¢ promotion too. And decided to just make all the books $3.99. I may lose some sales, but I just got tired of dealing with all the conversions and tracking, and the book is plenty long enough to justify that price anyway. All books in the series will be the same price from now on, unless I do a promotion using the first book as a “loss leader” once I have at least three books done.

Groln Continent2


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