Making paperbacks. #TheWarChronicles #epicfantasy

If you’ve been following this blog, or my FB author page, you know that I redesigned the cover of Warrior when I published Warlock. The new cover is “branded” meaning I’ve got different art, but the same design for the text and logo.

So, that meant I needed to go back and redo the print version of Warrior. Also, I needed to put up my print version of Warlock. (No linky yet for the print version, it’s not live yet.)

Well, that means I’ve not written now for two days as I’ve gone through the laborious effort of creating, editing, submitting and reviewing the files to create the print versions. That’s a major pain folks. Major pain. But, I hope, it’s now all done. I had to resubmit the Warlock files several times due to crazy irritating minor technical difficulties, but I just did a final check before submitting them, and the final product looks good on the viewer.

I’ve already ordered the final physical proof copies for Warrior. I’ll, hopefully, order the final physical proof copies for Warlock tomorrow. If those look good (and it might take two weeks to get them) then I’ll start the process of ordering copies I will use as signed copies for promotional purposes.

So, stay tuned.



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