Warlock first month results in! #amwriting #TheWarChronicles

Today marked 30 days since launching Warlock on Oct 8. Which I believe means it’s the last day Warlock would possibly be on the Amazon “New Release” lists. So I’m expecting sales to drop starting tomorrow. But here’s the results, for whatever they are worth.

Prior to Warlock’s release, sales of Warrior had flatlined with a sale every other day or so for the previous three or four weeks. Warlock prompted a surge in Warrior sales too, so I’m just going to list total numbers between the two of them.

Total sales – 401
Total page reads – 315K which ends up being about the equivalent of about 415 books worth, according to Amazon’s KENP pages estimates for the two books.

OK, it’s not a thousand sales in a week, but it’s a lot of page reads, I think. Depending on what Amazon pays out per page read for October and November, I could actually make about twice as much on page reads than on actual sales. That still amazes me.

The main thing I am taking away from this is that I need to get Warlord and then the final, fourth book, out as soon as I possibly can.

Oh, and I should do some actual marketing at some point in my career.

Overall I am satisfied that Warlock’s launch was reasonably successful for a month anyway.


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