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I am beginning to get very jealous of my writing time. I was making good progress on Warlord when my paperback proofs for Warrior and Warlock arrived. Since then all I’ve been able to do is work on proofreading and fixing the minor problems they have.

But today I finally uploaded the final files for Warlock, and tomorrow I should get, I hope, the final printed version of Warrior so that I can republish the paper versions. So I can sell a few more. Maybe. Paperback sales have not been, shall we say, remotely worth the effort I’ve put into them so far.

But, the goal of this whole thing is to get paper copies I can take to conventions and use for giveaways. In fact, I signed up for a “local authors” promotion event here in Mountain Home on Dec 5, so maybe I’ll sell some then, if I can get everything coordinated by then.

Also, found a few irritating typos that somehow slipped past my dozen or so previous Warlock proofreading efforts. Got those fixed and uploaded the digital file changes too.

But the real good news is that I can get back to work on Warlord. Yay!


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