November biggest month so far

Well, it looks like November will be my biggest selling month so far. Which is really a nice surprise since I had anticipated a more rapid decline of sales after releasing Warlock on Oct 8. Still, it didn’t beat October by much. And it may not beat October at all if the KENP page rate for November drops more than I have guessed.

So, here’s the latest figures, for whatever they are worth. Again I’m combining Warlock and Warrior sales since the release of Warlock has dragged Warrior back up out of the one sale per day doldrums.

Overall I’ve sold right at 1,200 books. Roughly 700 of those are Warlock and 500 are Warrior. Added to my previous sales of Warrior prior to Warlock’s release, I’ve now sold 4,250 books overall.*

It looks like it will be a tall order to hit 5,000 sales before Jan 19 (the one-year anniversary of launching Warrior). I’d have to continue selling books at the rate they have been selling for the past 8 weeks, and that is simply not likely. I’m already seeing a dropoff, and expect that to get worse, not better, as I get farther and farther from the Warlock launch date.

In terms of overall sales dollars, I’m well over $9,000 and pushing $10,000. While I may not hit 5,000 sales, I still have a decent shot at $10,000 overall sales.

One interesting side note. I am seeing consistent sales in Australia. Australia accounts for roughly 10% of my overall sales. I find that interesting.

*Sales figures include Borrows and KU downloads, which I have calculated by dividing the overall number of pages per book read by the number of pages in each book. It is probably true that some of those books were not read to the end (as much as I hate to admit it) meaning actual downloads are probably somewhat higher than the number I am calculating, but I’m going to stick with doing it this way anyway.


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