Warlord in final stages of first draft. #amwriting #epicfantasy #TheWarChronicles

Crossed the 90,000 word mark. The story is basically done, now I’m going back through and filling out details, putting in foreshadowing, adding scenes here and there to develop characters, you know, all the fun part of writing. 🙂

Still targeting my Jan 4 deadline for turning over the manuscript to my editor.

I had originally planned The War Chronicles as a trilogy. As I was writing Warlock, it felt like it would need to go to four books, but now I’m thinking the story ends best after this book after all. I’ll have to decide soon, because if it ends, I need to wrap up everything, and if it goes on, I’ll have to add more hooks. Don’t have a lot of time to decide.

Here’s a reasonable facsimile of Melisende, the great red dragon:



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