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I have been very surprised by the number of ratings that the audio versions of Warrior and Warlock have received. After about six weeks for Warrior, and only a few weeks for Warlord, both of them have passed the combined total of rankings for Warrior and Warlock eBook versions. As this is my first foray into audio books, I am very surprised by the response. I had thought that if I got fifty or so sales of each book, that would be good. I have no idea how many actual sales there have been, but I have to assume it’s more than the number of people who bothered to rate them.

Warlock gets better ratings than Warrior, which I should be happy to see, but it still sort of bothers me that Warrior ratings aren’t higher. But I’m still getting lots of very positive statements from readers.

This has given me more incentive to work on Warlord. I have been working steadily on Warlord again, and making progress. I’m 21 chapters into my final revisions, which is getting close to halfway.

I do feel terrible about how long it took to get Warlord done. I have all sorts of quite reasonable excuses, but that’s all they really boil down to, excuses.

If I want to be a writer, I have to write. So I’m writing again.


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3 Responses to Status on stuff

  1. Scott Draper says:

    I suspect that ratings are highly influenced by the ratings already there. I formed this idea after noticing that there is often a big difference between the ratings on Good Reads vs Amazon. My hypothesis says that if the very first review, for example, is negative, it will move all the subsequent reviews downward, and vice versa. This suggests that where the average ends up is to some degree a matter of chance.


  2. jeremy says:


    I am about 15 minutes from finishing the Warlock in the audio book format. I personally like the Audio books because i can listen to them while i work. I’m looking forward to the Warlord book.

    As for the Ratings of Warrior Vs Warlock the people that listened to warrior and disliked it will probably post negative reviews and not continue onto the next book. The reviews for the second book are probably people that liked both and are letting you know. So by the second book you have already “Weeded” out those that dislike your writing style. Keep up the good work and I look forward to the next book.



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