Progress report

The most important thing to report is that I have made progress this week. I’ve finally gotten back into a steady nightly investment of two solid hours of writing on Warlord. The result is that I’m now about two-thirds complete with revisions based on the edits and beta reader reports. At this rate I should be wrapping up the final revisions in a few weeks. It feels good to move chapter by chapter and feel like the story is holding together.

This book is truly epic. Warrior had several skirmishes and one significant battle. Warlock had two major battles.

Warlord is wall to wall battles, once it gets started. I’ve lost count of the number of battles, more than a few of which make the Battle of Knolte’s Point look like a skirmish.

No spoilers, but this is a darker book than the previous two. Lirak is not having an easy time. Nor are his friends.

But the end is in sight.


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