I got some satisfaction

Oh yeah, finally, for the first time in months, I feel good about Warlord again. I’ve resolved the final troubling story elements that have been plaguing me for months. For the first time, I think the story works.


I don’t mind saying that this feels good. There were times in the past few months that I hit rock bottom on this book, thinking I might never get it to meet my expectations for ending Lirak’s story.

No more. I think it’s going to wrap up Lirak’s story with all the drama, action and thought-provoking concepts I wanted to do when I started the story.

Damn it feels good.

Not that I’m done. But I’m a WHOLE lot closer to being done than I was even a week ago. It really has become a job of polishing and cleaning up now. I better get that map and the cover done. 🙂

Thanks to all who have hung in with me. I learned a lot of lessons about writing with this book. And learning is what its all about. If you enjoyed Warrior and Warlock, I think you’ll really like Warlord.


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