Feeling good. #amwriting #TheWarChronicles

Latest update:

I just finished yet another read through of Warlord. I am waiting for my beta reader reports, some of which have already started to come in. So far it appears the book is working for them. One has finished it, and had a few notes, but said she loved it. One has gone halfway through and said the same, but had a few notes of his own, and one has gone to very helpful levels of detail about what he’s seen in the first four chapters or so. But he is quick to say that he is liking the story so far.

So I’ll take that as a good start. πŸ™‚

My own take, on this last read through, is that this will be a good test of my story telling skills. Because I think it’s working. So if it’s not…

My biggest concern was that it was too slow-paced in the first half or so. I have had that concern with every book so far, so I shouldn’t be surprised to have that same feeling about Warlord. But I did what I could to make the first half interesting, and to build up a sense of anticipation as well, so that when the book does begin rolling, it rolls fast and hard.

The ending, I think, will surprise some people. But it wasn’t written explicitly to do so, I just wrote the story that was inside me.

Not sure if this is the final cover for Warlord, but it’s getting close:

Bogus Cover


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2 Responses to Feeling good. #amwriting #TheWarChronicles

  1. Titus/ Michael says:

    I love your work I burned through warrior and warlock and words just can’t convey how cool the world you built and shared is. And please if you can when do you think both the paperback and audio versions might come out wanna get them the moment they come out. Also I got like 12 of my school bros into the books and they keep bugging me about it πŸ˜† anyway sorry for all the extra everything i tacked on and I love well paced character development.


  2. seandgolden says:

    Thanks. It means a lot to me when someone enjoys my writing. Warlock is almost there. Wrapping up the artwork, and I’ve got half of my beta reader reports back, and both say they loved it. Gonna have to go through and make final tweaks based on their reports, but that shouldn’t take too long. Hope you like how it winds up. πŸ™‚


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