Warlord writing is done.

I have completed my final edits/proofreads/etc. for Warlord. I ran the manuscript through MS Word a couple times. It’s been through beta readers and an editor. I am comfortable now that there are no story elements that need further tweaking or embellishment.

I also have the cover about 95% complete. In fact, it might be 100%. I may tweak it a bit just because I can’t seem to stop myself from doing so.

The biggest thing remaining is the map. My first map for Warrior was deliberately designed to look like something a stone-age culture would create. The map for Warlock was deliberately designed to look like something a medieval culture would create. This map is harder to define, mostly because of where the book goes. But I’ll paste in the latest version so you can see where I am. I still have a lot of cities to add, some text for the seas and lands, and some tweaking. Or, I may redo it completely.

But I’m not going to spend a lot of time on it. I’m ready to move on. Here’s the current version of the map:



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