Been busy moving

This last week has been consumed with moving. We’ve got all the big stuff moved into the house, but we’ve still got a bunch of “little stuff” at the rent house we still need to get out. Our lease ends on Oct 15, so we’ve got this week to get it all done, cleaned and the keys handed back to the owner. I am very, very happy to be out of that house.

And I’m thrilled to be here, although we really haven’t had much chance to appreciate it yet. It’s been nothing but packing stuff up, hauling it here, then unpacking it. I’m sitting in a sea of cardboard boxes in the basement as I type this.

Sales of Warlord have not been great so far. Of course I’ve done no marketing at all, but still, I was hoping for better sales.

If you enjoy The War Chronicles, please spread the word and let people know. If you’ve read it and haven’t left a review, please leave a review for each book. That’s how to get attention and more readers.

By the end of this weekend I expect to be firmly embedded in the new house for good. Then a new chapter of my life will begin. I’m looking forward to it.

Here’s a taste of the view from my deck. đŸ™‚


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