More progress

Over 17,000 words now. Words are starting to flow. The story skeleton is holding together. I’ve got the first several chapters done, although I’m not yet sure how I’m going to break the scenes into chapters.

The dual story line is working, I think. The contrast between the two cultures is stark. The tension in both cases is building. It’s looking like the convergence of the two is going to work as well.

I wonder how people will like my protagonists. I like to think I’m learning as a writer, and this is my fourth book, so I hope I’ve learned something about character development. Looking back, while I think the characters in The War Chronicles are interesting, I am delving much deeper into the internal motivations, fears and insecurities of the protagonists in this book. I’m a bit worried I’m making them a bit unlikable. I think Ill send out a story sample to some folks who have read for me before, and get their thoughts finally.


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