35K and the garage is clear.

Not sure which I find a more satisfying achievement… Well, actually, the garage wins. Now I just have to finish a couple boxes in my basement, and it will be finished too. At least my portion of it. Still have a bunch to do for the sewing section of the basement.

I just wrote a scene that I really like, but I doubt will survive the editing process. Why? Because the entire scene is about my female protagonist (there’s also a male protagonist, remember, two separate story threads coming together) who just copied something from a journal to her own journal.

The reason that is meaningful is that she has never used pen and paper in her life. She grew up in a completely computerized world (on the moon) and the concept of using pen and paper is an archaic oddity, like pounding chisels into rock to create a shopping list.

She has to do it though, because that’s the only way to capture thoughts without any chance of someone, or some thing, spying on her.

Anyway, it’s a cool scene, I think. Too bad it probably won’t survive.

(That was a Bladerunner reference, ICYMI…)

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2 Responses to 35K and the garage is clear.

  1. Congrats on 35k! So why won’t the scene make it past the editing? Does it not push the story forward? I am curious to know your processes.

    Myself I am 32.5k into what I hope is a 40k novella, but we’ll see! I can sense the finish line.

    Take care Sean!


  2. seandgolden says:

    I think it pushes the story forward or I wouldn’t have written it. But it lacks conflict. It’s all about personal growth and self-discovery, but there’s no action. My guess is the editor will call it one of my “babies” that I “have to kill” since that’s supposed to be one of the secrets of successful writing…


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