My eclipse viewing setup

This is what I will be hauling a couple hundred miles tomorrow to see the eclipse. The funnel-looking thing is called a … wait for it… “sun funnel.” It’s basically a portable sun projector using a small telescope. The big gray box is my travel scope.

Eclipse stuff

It’s a really awesome scope, frankly. I lucked into it on eBay a dozen years ago I think. It’s a short focus 60mm achromatic refractor. It has all the unavoidable limits of a small aperture, short-focus refractor, but it has all the great abilities of one too. The lens is sharp, and it’s got four eyepieces, as well as a spotting scope adapter. It’s pretty solid too.

We’ll be bringing chairs and a table, and an ice chest to keep things cool. I intend to find a place to park, set up the table and chairs, and just soak up the eclipse from start to end.

I did a prototype of the sun funnel today, just projecting the image onto a piece of poster board, but it was surprisingly bright and sharp. I was easily able to see three lined up sunspots, and was able to make out some detail in each one.

I dunno how many photos I’ll even take. But I’ll have the camera in case I do. Maybe the only thing it will be useful for is to take photos of the crowds of people blocking my access to a place to see the eclipse. We’ll see.

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2 Responses to My eclipse viewing setup

  1. mgherron says:

    Was it epic? I just looked at the eclipse through the clouds and a pair of borrowed glasses


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