Getting close to the end

I just wish I could manage to spend more time writing. Things at work took a very difficult twist a month ago, and my time, effort and spirit has been focused primarily on dealing with that difficulty, not on my writing.

Still, I have managed to cross the 80,000 word threshold. I’m at 81,904 now, and 90,000 no longer looks intimidating. It looks inevitable.

More importantly, I have story momentum going, and I think the reader is going to find this book twists and turns more than most. I hope people like that. It feels very entertaining to me anyway.

I just finished yet another scene that takes the story into a totally unexpected direction. Lots of action, some hopefully deft character work, and some burning questions the reader should hopefully want to get answered.

Don’t worry. Answers are coming. But I don’t think they are what the reader will be expecting. 🙂

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