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Life happens

Too much sometimes. I’ve only done about two thousand words in the past ten days. Mostly because I’ve been working my behind off on the yard, basement and boat. And I did go on the lake today, but I deserved … Continue reading

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New computer monitor #amwriting

Last week my computer monitor died. Today my replacement arrived. It’s a 4K 27″ monitor. To celebrate I’ve gone through four more chapters of Warlord. 🙂

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Ancient history #publishing #Softdisk

I already put this up on Facebook and thought, what the heck, I can put it up here too! I can go into a bit more backstory here on my author blog though. The below image was the first issue … Continue reading

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Superstars Writers Seminars reprise #amwriting #ssws16

I’m back in my hotel room with a splitting headache, maybe even a migraine, or trending toward one. I’m exhausted, I have to drive 900 miles tomorrow, just to get up and go to work Monday morning, missing the Super … Continue reading

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My economics of writing #amwriting

My last post about my wonderful, horrible, exciting, terrifying year of trying to be “a writer” seems to have struck a nerve with some other writers. Some people expressed interest in more details of that year, with an emphasis on … Continue reading

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My year of living as a “writer.” #amwriting

Anyone who follows this blog, or any of my other blogs or social media sites, is well aware that I am an unusual example of a “writer.” Until thirteen months ago, I had only published a few technical articles in … Continue reading

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An Eagle soars

  I have a heavy heart typing this. Glenn Frey has passed away. Glenn Frey and Don Henley were responsible for a large fraction of the soundtrack of my high school years. My best friend and I would crank up … Continue reading

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The Year of Living Dangerously…

Yesterday was my first day on my new job. I am no longer a layabout writer. My year of living dangerously has come to an end, and I am now back to being a regular joe with a regular job and … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

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A surprising revelation…

For as long as I can remember I have had a negative reaction to what I consider to be elitist attitudes and cultural snobbery. For example, people who love to snark on William Shatner, or who turn their noses up … Continue reading

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