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Applied for my SFWA membership today!

Based on payments of over $3,000 on Warrior (actually I’ve made significantly more than that, but $3,000 is the amount required to be a member), they should accept my membership request. I’ll let you all know when I hear back. … Continue reading

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Another milestone! 4,000th book sold today!

I admit that it is an inexact science, especially since Amazon changed the way they track their KU/KOLL “sales” back on July 1, but as best as I can figure it, today I sold my 4,000th book overall. (I count … Continue reading

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Two days of moving docks around…

Not much writing done the last two days. I’ve been on “dock patrol” for my brother while he’s been in Ohio having fun. Warlock sales are still doing well, and I’ve seen a nice uptick in Warrior sales as well. … Continue reading

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500 sales in first two months for Warrior

I’m pretty stoked about that. Now at 534 sales in right at 60 days, so for the first two months I’ve averaged 9 or so sales per day. In the past ten days though, I’ve averaged over 20 per day. … Continue reading

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Wow, I have really been neglecting this blog, well, this entire site. I’ve been doing a fair job of posting status on TheWarChronicles site, but this one hasn’t been updated in more than a month. So here is an update: … Continue reading

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