Warlord manuscript sent to audio publisher

Well, that’s really the final step in the journey. Except for all the marketing stuff I’ll have to do now. But in terms of creating and publishing the story, sending the manuscript to the audio publisher is pretty much it.

So, I started working on Warlord last November. Although the first couple chapters had already been roughed out because they were originally the final chapters of Warlock, but I ended up changing where the story ended. But I probably rewrote those chapters two or three times anyway, so I consider November to be the start.

Coincidentally, that is also just about when we started building the house on our lot.

So I wrote Warlord in a tiny rented house while my real house was being built.

And I got the story done first. 🙂

Both of them really should have been done months ago, if I had been as diligent in pushing things on both fronts as I should have been.

All water under the bridge now, I suppose. My builder tells me we can start moving in next week. I hope so. It will be very nice to get into my permanent home, with my permanent writer setup, away from all the distractions of the tiny little two-bedroom house. I’m sure my wife will be happier than I am, the sound of my typing drives her crazy. Yeah, I know.

Feels very much like a serious life-change is headed my way. The War Chronicles is finished, we’ll be moving into the new house, we won’t be paying double bills for everything… Things can finally settle down into a routine.

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1 Response to Warlord manuscript sent to audio publisher

  1. Willow Avenue Furniture says:

    I cant wait, 1 more day. When do you think the audio book will be published?


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