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The Dark Tower

So, I went to see this movie, with zero expectations. I knew from the previews I had seen that it was not any sort of attempt to faithfully recreate any part of any of the Dark Tower books. So I … Continue reading

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Round numbers

Finished my night’s writing, checked the project statistics, was exactly at 40,000 words. Progress is being made. Slow, but steady. And the scene I wrote tonight, I think, is one of the best in the book so far. Out of … Continue reading

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Life happens

Too much sometimes. I’ve only done about two thousand words in the past ten days. Mostly because I’ve been working my behind off on the yard, basement and boat. And I did go on the lake today, but I deserved … Continue reading

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35K and the garage is clear.

Not sure which I find a more satisfying achievement… Well, actually, the garage wins. Now I just have to finish a couple boxes in my basement, and it will be finished too. At least my portion of it. Still have … Continue reading

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Spiderman Homecoming review

I normally post reviews and stuff on Facebook, but since a review is analyzing and discussing a story, I think from now on I will do them here on my author blog, and link them from Facebook. I see a … Continue reading

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Progress report – 30K

That’s another significant milestone. Could be 1/3 of the way there. Maybe a little less. But 90K words would work, if the story works in that few. We’ll see. The scenes I worked on today were all difficult ones for … Continue reading

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