Wow, way too long since I posted

I hadn’t realized it had been over a month since I posted. That’s bad. I need to be more active.

I sent my first fifty pages of “Mountain Home” off to an agent. Not a cold email, I pitched to him in Colorado Springs and he asked me to send it. But that’s been a month ago now and I haven’t heard back, so I figure that’s not good. But now it’s sort of hanging there, which is what I hate about the whole traditional publishing experience.

So, I may just email him and let him know that I have to get it out there, I need to sell some books.

In the meantime I’ve put up about 6,000 words on my next novel. This is a contemporary murder mystery. I’ve got it outlined out and have written a couple chapters.

So the writing goes on. Spring is coming. Soon I’ll be working on the yard and going fishing. And writing. šŸ™‚

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