Halfway to halfway

Topped 25,000 words tonight. If the final book is in the 90K to 100K range, then I’m at least halfway to halfway done.

That feels like some sort of accomplishment. 🙂

Still working on two separate story lines, but events are now in play that will bring them together. I haven’t yet decided if they are going to split apart again, but they probably will.

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Yeah, that’s not much progress in the past two weeks. Things have been hectic here, but I’ve gotten back to the keyboard the last few days, and when I am AT the keyboard, things seem to be going well.

It’s still interesting to me to write two story lines simultaneously. I think the tension is rising in both story lines, and leading to a nice intersection of the stories.

Still a long way to go. I’m targeting 90K to 100K words, which is what my audio publisher tells me is their preferred length for a sci-fi book.

Keepin on keepin on!

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Latest Fictorians blog post

It’s sort of weird using my author blog to link to another blog, but these links actually do help with search engine ranking, or so I’m told. So here we go.

My latest Fictorians blog post.

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19,000+, That is all

Well, maybe not all.

I have always found the first and last 20,000 words to be the hardest to get on paper. I should hit 20,000 in the next few days.

Feels good to be writing again.

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More progress

Over 17,000 words now. Words are starting to flow. The story skeleton is holding together. I’ve got the first several chapters done, although I’m not yet sure how I’m going to break the scenes into chapters.

The dual story line is working, I think. The contrast between the two cultures is stark. The tension in both cases is building. It’s looking like the convergence of the two is going to work as well.

I wonder how people will like my protagonists. I like to think I’m learning as a writer, and this is my fourth book, so I hope I’ve learned something about character development. Looking back, while I think the characters in The War Chronicles are interesting, I am delving much deeper into the internal motivations, fears and insecurities of the protagonists in this book. I’m a bit worried I’m making them a bit unlikable. I think Ill send out a story sample to some folks who have read for me before, and get their thoughts finally.

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Topped 15,000 words on Mountain Home

15,668 to be exact.

Still not up to 1,000 per day, but getting closer. Tomorrow I should be able to spend some real time “writing.” But I may have to use that on formatting Warlord for print, and changing the covers for all three books.

I think I’d rather write, but that’s a good thing. I do also need to wrap up this final effort on The War Chronicles. It’s time to move on, and that’s just hanging out there waiting for me to deal with.

Moving forward on my house projects too. About to order some filler, topsoil and rocks to grade out my backyard so that it can be a yard, instead of a rough, gravel-filled wasteland.

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Moving forward

Over 13,000 words. Not quite a thousand words tonight, but still making progress. I feel like I’ve got the story to the point that I can follow the outline and write scenes one after another.

Now it’s just a matter of applying butt to chair and fingers to keyboard.

I’m starting to think about a cover. Something really sci-fi looking, but juxtaposed with a cowboy flavor. Maybe a sleek rocket ship behind a horse and rider, with a crescent moon hovering over the horizon, with the moon’s city lights gleaming on the darkened portion of the moon’s disk like stars.

Something like that.

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