Finally over 50K words

Since my target all along has been 90K – 100K words, I can now say with certainty that I’ve crossed the halfway mark. I’m thinking right now that 90K words is the likely end result, which means I’m even closer. Either way, 50K words in one story is a pretty satisfying landmark.

Think I wrote some good stuff today. The story feels like it should be interesting. Things rarely go as you might expect. Lots of twists and turns.

Went back and polished the first chapter again too. It’s starting to feel pretty complete.

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Making good progress. 48K and counting

It’s starting to feel much easier to write now. Last night I worked all night, not even getting home until almost midnight, but other than that, I’ve been in the thousand words a day range every day. This coming week might be a little slower with the holiday and my mother coming to visit.

Liking how the story is coming together. Because of the timeline breakage I did a few weeks ago, I spent a good bit of time reworking and adding stuff to the first chapters to realign the timeline. I’ve just about got that all done, and am working on the two scenes that bring the story together.

Hopefully the whole “downhill” thing works out and I can just keep putting words on paper… 🙂

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45,000 words. Truly halfway.

Should all be downhill from here. 🙂

Image result for moon with rocket

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Post-apocalyptic baseball

Yeah, I just wrote an entire scene in my post-apocalyptic, sci-fi-horror-zombie thriller novel about a baseball game…

Don’t know if it’s brilliant or stupid, but I had a great time writing it. 😉

ball field

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Back from the epic-ness

Not much to say. Been a long day. Didn’t take a lot of photos, was more about experiencing the thing than documenting it. Here’s what I got:

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My eclipse viewing setup

This is what I will be hauling a couple hundred miles tomorrow to see the eclipse. The funnel-looking thing is called a … wait for it… “sun funnel.” It’s basically a portable sun projector using a small telescope. The big gray box is my travel scope.

Eclipse stuff

It’s a really awesome scope, frankly. I lucked into it on eBay a dozen years ago I think. It’s a short focus 60mm achromatic refractor. It has all the unavoidable limits of a small aperture, short-focus refractor, but it has all the great abilities of one too. The lens is sharp, and it’s got four eyepieces, as well as a spotting scope adapter. It’s pretty solid too.

We’ll be bringing chairs and a table, and an ice chest to keep things cool. I intend to find a place to park, set up the table and chairs, and just soak up the eclipse from start to end.

I did a prototype of the sun funnel today, just projecting the image onto a piece of poster board, but it was surprisingly bright and sharp. I was easily able to see three lined up sunspots, and was able to make out some detail in each one.

I dunno how many photos I’ll even take. But I’ll have the camera in case I do. Maybe the only thing it will be useful for is to take photos of the crowds of people blocking my access to a place to see the eclipse. We’ll see.

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My latest Fictorians Blog Post


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