Working on Warlord blurb

Blurbing. This is one reason I haven’t yet hit the “publish” button on Warlord. It’s not enough to just write a book. Or get a cover created. Or a map. Or do edits. Or…. well, you get the idea. For us self-published authors, who either do everything, or pay someone to do things, we have to create our own blurbs…

What is a blurb you ask? That’s a fair question, because it seems to mean different things in different contexts. In this case, it means what Amazon calls the book’s “description.” It’s the text people see when they click on a book title that catches their attention. A bad book with a good blurb will sell better than a good book with a bad blurb. Ideally you want a good blurb for a good book. 🙂

So, here’s my first attempt at a blurb for Warlord:

The War Chronicles trilogy reaches its stunning conclusion. Lirak, once a warrior, then a warlock, now must attempt to fulfill the Kul-Wi prophecy. If he refuses, or fails, the Faceless One will scour every trace of humanity from the world, and the gods will start a new Age. What the gods don’t know is Lirak plans to end the gods’ deadly game forever. But to succeed he will first have to overcome the crushing guilt and fear in his own mind.

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